Virgil Davis is the author of The Soundbite Murders (part one of a three part series), the inventive mind behind the glorious viscera writing style, and working on a motivational book as well.

Virgil grew up in suburban Chicago, IL. His love for all things horror began at age 6 when his Grandmother introduced him to the film Alien. From there he spent his life digesting any and all horror he could muster. His main literary influences are the works of Stephen King and Agatha Christie.

The Soundbite Murders

The Soundbite Murders is a detailed account of the grizzly violence that transpired at Lake Promise. Step inside the mind of the victims as they fall prey one by one to the Soundbite Slasher. Follow the clues, as the friends are whittled down, to discover who the murderer truly is. While this tale is a murder mystery at heart, the real question is whether or not YOU can handle the glorious viscera around every turn.

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Soundbite Murders
Jim G Carpenter

The Jim G Carpenter Foundation

I wanted to dedicate this section of my site to my friend's organization, The Jim G Carpenter Foundation. Named after her amazing father, The Foundation provides scholarship support to Portage High School seniors whose lives have been permanently altered by serious or terminal illness. Such an event can be horrific to a family's stability, and The Foundation hopes to provide hope and support to those in need.

Check out her amazing organization here!

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